Disco Inferno

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Smells like if Donna Summer were a fragrance.
Sounds like Abba, Chic, and The Weather Girls.

Disco found its way into the nightlife scene as a way to escape the socio-economic issues of the era, like political scandal, rising unemployment, and gun violence. Sound familiar?!  With notes of sugared fruit and tropical florals you'll be channeling your inner Donna Summer in no time.

Average Burntime: 50-60 hours
Average Playlist: 30+ hours and growing

$1 from every candle sold gives back
We fight back the only way we know how, with wax. We donate $1.00 from every single candle sold to causes that help to liberate us all. We believe in transparency and publish the cause and donation amount on our Instagram.

No gross stuff ever
Only natural soy wax
Paraben and phthalate-free
Vegan and cruelty-free
No headaches
No carcinogens or mutagens
Prop 65 ingredient-free

Fragrance notes:
Top: Sugared orange and lime
Middle: Tropical florals
Bottom: Mountain greens