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Tarot doesn't tell the future and I can't predict shit, but what readings can do is give confirmation to that quiet, sneaky gut feeling you have. I feel It's like a coin toss, we root for the side we want in the air.

We offer blacklight readings in person in our Lawrence, KS studio, through video calls, or as a service at popups around the midwest.

I picked up this UV tarot deck created by the  @thevioletaveline at the @modestmouse show and it's my go-to. The artwork is stunning and the colors will blow your mind. 


I've been practicing tarot for 25+ years. Here's a story from our Instagram about how I learned.

"I (Jenny) have been practicing tarot since high school. My mom was really into metaphysics and transcendental meditation. We (read she) moved to Iowa for her to study at the Maharishi International University. I learned tarot during my very brief stint in the boarding school there. There was this Egyptian girl who was cooler than cool, and she made reading tarot feel like sneaking cigarettes or filling your parents booze bottles with water. It felt risky and like I’d tapped into something otherworldly."


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Tarot reading

Jennie has a fluency with the cards and her ability to read you in them.
The space feels so safe and welcoming. No judgment just some insights that make you think aha.
Plus her cards are super cool😊
Can't recommend her highly enough!