Melt the Guns

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Smells like grief, anger, and greed.
Sounds like protest songs and march chants.

Smells like grief, anger, greed, and frustration, with subtle notes of hope. We can't believe we have to fund-raise for donations to not be shot, but here we are. Fuck the NRA, fuck profits over people. 

Average Burntime: 50-60 hours
Average Playlist: 30+ hours and growing

Scan, Light, Dance
Each label has a scannable QR code linking you to a community-based, constantly updated playlist. Our goal is to have 60 hours of music on each list. Send us your favorites please, because sixty hours is a hell of a lot of music. 

$1 from every candle sold gives back
We fight back the only way we know how, with wax. We donate $1.00 from every single candle sold to causes that help to liberate us all. We believe in transparency and publish the cause and donation amount on our Instagram.

No gross stuff ever
Only natural soy wax
Paraben and phthalate-free
Vegan and cruelty-free
No headaches
No carcinogens or mutagens
Prop 65 ingredient-free

Fragrance notes:
Top: Cardamom Tea, Grapefruit
Middle: Cedar, Vetiver
Bottom: Oud, Cinnamon & Amber